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Unique Personnel - East Rand, Gauteng - Daily responsibilities: Ensure that their office as well as those of the Graphic Designer and Quality Assurance Assistant is kept neat and tidy Communicate with clients telephonically or via email regarding quality issues. (Upon instruction and guidance from one or both of the managing directors) Assist in sending artwork and fact files to clients for approval, as well as following up with clients regarding the approval. Assist in preparing and sending samples to clients as well as continuously following up with the client regarding the samples they received Assist the Marketing Manager with all her daily tasks. Assist the Marketing Manager in preparing for meetings or visits to clients Assist the Marketing Manager in organizing functions for the company To stand in for the Marketing Manager if she is unavailable Keep up to date with current client projects Show an interest in all aspects of the Marketing department Look for opportunities to assist in the marketing functions and make recommendations Assist in updating the Sample Matrix and help in insuring that the units prepare these samples Make sure that the sample room is neat and tidy Issuing positives on a daily basis to the production team, after the positives have been compared to the fact file and the customer sample in the production box Approving samples at the start of each production run for all the units, as well as approving samples for long production runs on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday Approving samples after hours when production needs to commence on a night shift Approving samples over weekends, when there are change-overs on the machines Performing adhesion tests on precious metal gold products at the beginning of a production run Attending the unit manager meetings to follow up on samples that they are preparing as well as find out what they may require from the Marketing department Doing daily quality checks of night shifts production in all the units. Identifying quality or production issues, communicating same to the managing directors, quality manager and unit manager and assisting in rectifying actions. Compile a Weekly Quality report which outlines all the quality related issues identified in all the units as well as including the outcome or rectifying actions taken. Arrange that the couriers collect parcels and pack samples to be sent to clients Keep all product boxes up to date This entails the following: Opening a product box that includes a product file that contains the products positives, artwork and fact sheet signed by the client, a copy of the fact sheet and specification sheet, the pallet label & packaging specification of the product as well as the signed customer sample and the latest production sample. Each time a new product is developed or an adjustment is made to an existing product, a new product box must be opened that includes all of the above-mentioned items. Additional Tasks performed: Playing out of positives with the graphic design equipment when graphic designer is absent Ensuring that the boardroom is always neat and that the displays are up to date and arranged in a good order. Ink batch testing Overseeing the functions of the Quality Assurance assistants: Ensuring that the Quality Assurance Assistants are aware of their role in the company Ensuring that the QA assistants are present in all the factories during the day Overseeing the functions of the Quality Control Manager Overseeing the functions of the Quality Control Assistant Overseeing the quality aspects of the Graphic Designer: Ensuring that the Graphic Designer develops the correct positive that is required by either the NPD, Marketing of QA manager. Detailed description of tasks that are performed Quality Assurance Responsibilities: The Quality Assurance Manager must always be pro-active in recognising & reporting quality problems before the product is sent to the client. The following tasks are to be completed on a daily basis in order to achieve optimum production quality. Upon receiving the production schedule the QA manager must ensure that all information required for the up and coming production runs is updated and ready prior to commencement, i.e. signed customer samples, signed fact sheets and the correct specification sheet. Issuing of positives to the production team: This function takes place daily and specifically on a Friday the QA manager must prepare and issue all the positives that the production team will require for the weekends production run. This entails the following: Comparing the positive with the fact sheet and customer signed sample for any deviations Scrutinizing the positives for any damage to the design Then issuing the positive together with a signed and dated fact & specification sheet to the unit manager. The unit manager signs as a recognition of receipt in the Posie sign-out book Positives are returned back to the Marketing Department upon completion of the specific product run. When positives are returned to the Marketing department, they are signed back and checked for any damage by the QA manager and placed back in the product box. Daily signing off of production samples: The production team brings production samples to the marketing department on a daily basis and before the start up of every run and the QA manager must check for the following aspects on these samples: The print heights are measured according to the customer approved fact sheet The print width is measured (if applicable to the product) The registration of the print to the lug of the bottle (if applicable to the product) Check the neck and body print alignment (if applicable to the product) Ensure that the print is straight from left to right & front to back Compare the ink colours with those of the signed customer sample If the product has a barcode this must be scanned and saved under the Quality Checks Barcode folder on the QA Managers laptop Check the general print quality & ink application If the above-mentioned aspects are correct & up to standard the QA manager will sign and date the sample. One signed sample will go back to the unit to be placed at the machine as a quality standard to the printer and quality controller. One sample will also be placed in the product box for quality purposes and future reference if needed. During long production runs samples are signed of on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday, to ensure that the print quality is consistent throughout the run. All these aspects are recorded in the Sample sign off book and indicate how many samples were received and approved or rejected. Daily visits to the factories: The QA manager will visit the factory daily and check the following: Must check that each machine has a signed and dated fact & specification sheet for the product currently being decorated Must check that each machine has a sample signed by someone from the Marketing department To check the general print quality & heights of the unfired and fired samples of each product & notify the printers or unit manager if any deviations or problems are noted Check general house keeping & staff procedures and report issues to the unit manager Report on weekly issues and samples taken in the units The QA Manager together with the Quality manager, draws up a weekly report on the issues identified during the daily factory visits and distribute the report among the relevant parties. Identified issues are discussed with the managing directors in order to find the best possible solution Performing of adhesion tests: When products are being decorated with Precious Metal Gold inks, the QA manager must perform the following tests on the product prior to the actual production run: Steam test: A sample must be steamed in the pressure cooker for 2 hours, left to cool down and then tape is applied over the print to see whether any ink is removed. Freezer test; another sample must be placed in the freezer for 2 hours. Tape must also be applied to establish if any ink is removed. Scratch & Tape test: Another sample must be scratched with a sharp object and tape must be applied to check the adhesion of the ink. These test results must then be discussed with the Marketing manager and passed on to the unit manager in order for the production run to start, if all the results are satisfactorily. When a product is decorated with Organic ink a scratch and tape test is done, 24 hours after the sample is received. The results of these tests are recorded in the Ink adhesion tests book for quality purposes and future reference. Products that are returnable, such as Coke and Sprite, also undergo a scratch test to determine the durability of the ink. Ink batch testing: When company receives a new batch of ink from the ink supplier, it is the function of the Marketing department to have this batch tested by the production team, before the batch is issued for actual production. The store man will issue a sample pack of the specific batch of ink that arrived to the Marketing Department, where they will sign as confirmation of receipt, next to the ink code and batch number in the Store mans control book. The Marketing department will prepare the Ink batch Test sheet with information such as the unit to be tested in, product to be tested on, as well as the ink code and batch number. A sample as well as the completed Ink batch test sheet is brought back to the Marketing department to be verified and approved for the colour of the ink in accordance with the approved customer sample. Approved ink batches are recorded in the Store mans control book and the approved sample is stored in the warehouse. All Ink test sheets are kept in a file for record & quality purposes. Training: The QA Manager has to facilitate the training requirements for all staff members. The training needs of staff must be established and relevant training sessions must be scheduled and performed and record...

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